Our Thoughts On The New 2018 Gas Gas



So as some of you may know, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on Gas Gas’s completely redesigned 300cc 2 stroke Enduro bike long enough to get a few action shots and gather a bit of an opinion on the bike.

On Sunday June 4th we headed over to some private land near Monmouth which included a small motocross track and a fairly technical and fast moving wooded area. The initial thoughts on the bike before riding as you can imagine contained nothing less than positive attitude and an eagerness to get on and ride.

We started off with a few steady laps of the track to get used to the new KYB suspension Gas Gas had chosen for the bike. It was very easy adapting to the natural feeling geometry of the bike and the suspension felt more than adequate allowing you to float over and ruts and bumps without leaving your arms and legs feeling hard done by. 

As the laps got faster the 300 EC’s power really started to come in handy. Whether you went into a corner in 3rd or 5th the bike seemed to be able to pull you out plenty quick enough and allow you to gain momentum back swiftly. The same applied in the wooded areas, unless you were doing tight technical sections where a lower gear is needed, the bike seemed right at home offering the rider all they need. 


We managed to find a very slick and steep climb to see how well the new Enduro model could cope with minimal traction and a low gear climb. This also gave us chance to see how easy and light the bike was to manoeuvre (especially after falling off half way up!) 2nd gear was used to test this with a fairly low speed to really give it a chance. The bike managed to grip nicely on the dusty bank allowing the rider to keep momentum and focus on the chosen line. Weighing just 105kg dry, this plays a huge part in the slightly more technical or rocky sections meaning you can easily throw it around and almost ride it like a trials bike.

Gas Gas have decided to stick with the same Nissin brakes they’ve used on previous models. There were several occasions when descending a bank or messing around on the back wheel where the brakes were very much so needed. There was instant feedback each time either brake was used and also allowed the rider to apply the necessary pressure for the situation.


Check out the clips we got!