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Replacement set of heavy-duty tapered bearings and lower seal for WP fork models.

Two items required to replace both upper and lower steering head bearings.  Note, this item fits all models with the WP front forks.

Replacement lower seal for models using WP front forks.

R/H fork protector to suit all models using the 43 and 48mm WP forks.  Please note, these are in very limited supply.

Saves undoing the screws on the top of the forks to release air pressure build up.

Neoprene fork gaitors to suit enduro models - keeps mud away from fork seals.
Replacement WP fork oil seal to suit 48mm forks on 404 models + KTM

Replacement pair of quality fork oil seals and dust seals to suit the 48mm WP forks. 

  • Patented fork seal features a balanced 3 lip design that evenly distributes the pressure reducing operating temperature, wear and friction.
  • Custom Elastomer Fork Seals have been tested to outlast OEM fork seals. Extends typical seal life by 3 to 5 times over OEM seals.
  • Stiction (friction) measures from 1/3 to ½ less than OEM seals for smoother fork action.
  • Lower Stiction, Longer Life! It doesn't get any better than this!