CCM 604 Cables


  • Various cables.


Replacement speedometer cable for all R30 models using mag or spoked wheels.

  • The outer cable length of this cable measures approx. 878mm

Replacement speedometer cable for R30 models with the short suspension.

  • The outer cable length of this cable measures approx. 844mm

Replacement clutch cable to suit Rotax models from 1999 to 2002.

  • Outer cable length - 1100mm
  • Inner cable length - 1265mm
  • 8mm barrel nipple on lever end
Replacement clutch cables for Rotax models from 1998 to 1999.

1180mm long Speedo Cable to fit 1999 and earlier models with Paioli longer forks.
Replacement speedometer cable for all Dualsport models using WP front suspension.
Replacement speedometer cable for 2000 yr Dualsport models using Paioli front suspension.  1000mm outer length.

Replacement throttle cables for all Rotax models from 2000 onwards.

Replacement throttle cable for Rotax models up to 1999.

This kit is supplied in a nylon bag that is ideal to keep with the bike until you need it.  The kit includes the following:


  • 1.63m inner cable to suit throttle cables
  • 1.63mm inner cable to suit clutch cables
  • Solderless nipples
  • Special aluminium trumpet nipples 
  • Various fittings as shown in photo
Remember, replace the cable with an original fitment item as soon as you can!