Our replacement L/H switch to suit all 604, 644 and 404 models from 2001 on.  We use an original fitment connector so it will just plug straight in.

Please note, on certain models the 'flash' trigger button does not work as it was not used on the model from new. 


This switch is suitable for the following Rotax models:

  • R30
  • RS
  • Supermoto
  • Trail

As the original CCM DS Switch is no longer available, we have sourced this later version produced by the same switch manufacturer.  It has the same body, but slightly updated buttons.

It is wired ready for your CCM with 1 matching block connector. 

Replacement CCM switchgear for 2001 and 2002 Rotax models. DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Revised unit from Denso now using a plastic body (introduced Nov. 2003) instead of the metal item that was discontinued by Rotax.

Replacement ignition switch for models 2001-2003.

Replacement 6 pin ignition switch with extra position for lights.

Replacement indicator relay for use on all models.  Please note that this item needs to be connected in the following way:

  • Red wire - connect to X
  • Orange wire - connect to L
  • Black wire - does not connect to anything (isolate and move out of the way)
Instructions are printed on the side of the relay.

This item fits earlier models up to 2000.
As we are unable to get Genuine CCM regulators now, we have sourced this non genuine unit. It is supplied with a different shaped block connector and also a matching one to fit to the wiring loom.

Regulator/Rectifier to suit 604 2001 models only.

Japanese manufactured item that fits all models.  Sealed around contacts for better resistance against moisture. It is also used for the R30 headlight relay. 

Replacement hydraulic rear stop light switch to suit all models.