CCM 604 Service Items


  • Fast moving service items.


Oil filter for Rotax engines.
Replacement o-ring for the oil filter cover.

Putoline Quality Semi Synthetic 10w40 motorcycle oil in a 4 litre container.
Replacement sump plug washer for Rotax engines.
Replacement copper washer for the frame drain plug. Depending on our stock situation, this item may be substituted for a alloy item. 

Replacement fibre washer for the M12 Hex drain bolt.
2 required per strip.

Replacement inline oil filter unit from the frame to engine. 

Replacement air filter for the Rotax engines.  This item also fits the CCM 560 Rotax.

Depending on stock - this item is either the item shown or with blue foam (that is pre-oiled).

Original fitment Dayco cam belt at a much lower cost!

If no stock is showing then we may have stocks of the CCM one - search 280015A 

Replacement front chain guide/slipper that wraps around the front of the swingarm.

We have had this item manufactured in a very hard wearing natural colour nylon, as it is no longer available from CCM.  The holes for the screws are countersunk ready to be mounted to the holding bracket.
Piston (slight storage marks) and rings removed from new 604 engine when 640 kit was fitted. Gudgeon pin and circlips included.

These springs are suitable for Rotax header pipes and also the 644 link pipes.

A six-step maintenance system designed to clean any K&N Filtercharger® Air Filter. Restores air flow efficiency so your Filtercharger performs like new! Includes: .5 oz. Spray Oil & 12 oz. Filter Cleaner