CCM 644 Sprocket Fixings


  • Replacement Genuine Suzuki and Factory fitment lock tab washers, bolts and nuts.


Replacement front sprocket retaining plate for 644 models.
Replacement front sprocket damper for 644 models.  Please note, this item will only fit 15 tooth sprockets.

This item fits all Spoke Wheel models and is sold individually. Please note the following:

  • DS models and R30 using spoked wheels - order 6
  • Gas Gas EC models - order 6

If you are ordering for Mag Wheels, please order AF092HM - these are longer bolts and use Nyloc Nuts without a flange.

These are sold individually so therefore three would be required.

Countersunk Plated Sprocket Bolt complete with Nyloc Nut.

5 Required!