CCM 644 Lights & Components


  • Replacement factory and aftermarket lights and lenses for all models.


This item can be fitted to all models although some electrical knowledge is required as they need to be wired in to the original sub harness.

Information from manufacturer:

The first approved headlight for all on and off-road bikes. It can be used on non-fairing bikes to street fighters. Exclusive customized design: nylon surround, polypropylene numberplate, polycarbonate reflector, cast aluminium headlight body and tempered glass lens.

  • DOT, ECE and SAE approved
  • Adjustable angle
  • Universal fitting with anti-vibration rubber strips
  • Removable number plate; available in a wide variety of colors
  • Protective, transparent polycarbonate lens cover supplied for off-road use
  • Heat resistant plastic headlight support
  • Wiring accessories provided
  • Low beam fitted with 55 W halogen bulb, low beam/side light fitted with 55 W halogen bulb and 5W incandescent bulb