CCM 644 Rear Wheel & Brake Components


  • Original fitment and aftermarket parts.


This compound is non sintered and not as hard as the "R" pad. It is suited for road or trail use.
Quality sintered off road brake pads manufactured in Czech Republic.

Double sealed bearing.

  • R30 604/644 mag front wheel - 2x required
  • R30 604/644 mag rear wheel - 2x required
  • 604/644/404 AJP rear hub spoked - 2x required plus 1x 62042rs
  • 604/644/404 AJP fornt hub spoked - 2x required
  • GasGas TX125 Randonne Rear Wheel - 2x required
  • GasGas EC200,250,300 1997 - 2003 front wheel - 2x required
  • GasGas EC200,250,300 1997 on (all models) rear wheel disc side bearing
  • GasGas EC200,250,300,1997 on (all models) rear wheel sprocket side inner bearing


Sprocket side outer bearing for AJP rear hub and front wheel bearing for Talon hub (2 reqd)

Rear AJP hub also requires 2x60042rs

Fantic Casa rear wheel bearing RH side (2 required) 





Double sealed bearing.


  • CCM R30 604/644 mag rear wheel cush drive bearing - 2x required
  • CCM 604e up to 2000 Talon rear hub - 3x required
  • GasGas EC200,250,300 1997 on rear wheel sprocket side outer bearing - 1x required
  • KTM EXC 


6 x required

Genuine Brembo rear brake pad retaining plate set.

Replacement set of double sealed wheel bearings to suit models using the AJP hubs.

Non Genuine AJP Rear Hub Bearing Retaining Circlip for 604,644 and 404 models with AJP Hubs and Spokes also EC Gas Gas 2005 on
Replacement rear brake disc for all models excluding those with mag wheels fitted.

Replacement rear brake disc from Braking.  Note, you will need socket cap allen bolts to fit this item. This item will not fit mag wheels.
Aftermarket Rear Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kit to fit 604, 644, 404. Includes Circlip, Plunger with seals, Dust seal and nut.

Replacement rear wheel spindle.