CCM 644 Swing Arm Components


  • Original fitment chain slippers, bearings and our aftermarket components.


Chain slipper for 644 models using the 525 pitch chain.  Please note, as this is a molded item it may need the 'fins' warming slightly to allow the chain to pass through smoothly.
Chain slipper for all 404 models and some later built 644 models.  Please check yours before ordering.

Replacement standard size bearing to suit all models.
Replacement longer needle roller bearing to help reduce wear.  When fitting this item, you can only use 2x o-rings on one side and 1x o-ring on the other.  It will not fit 644 from '04 on, or the 404 from 2005 on.

Standard CCM replacement swingarm journel for 644 models 2004 on.

Non genuine CCM. 

Replacement hardened swing arm journal that is made to exact tolerances for us by a local Precision Engineering Company.

This item is 41mm in length suiting Rotax and 644 models up to 2004.

CCM swingarm spindle.