From the Fantic experience in off-road, the new philosophy for the design of our E-MTBs, gritty and efficient, is born.
The GHM (Grip - Handling / Drivability - Mileage / Efficiency) are the 3 rules that guide our off-road projects, with all the necessary power combined with great handling and technique. No obstacle and no climb to big. Discover all the possibilities of the Fantic off-road range.
Full suspension, Fat Bike, Hardtail, 27.5 ″ Plus tires and hubs with Boost Technology; or the incredible agility of a 29 "front and 27.5" rear, the stiffness of a well-balanced rear stay or the comfort and incredible possibilities offered by the rear shock absorbers.

Fantic has off-road in its DNA, and controlling traction is essential to avoid losing grip and taking advantage of all the power made available. Our E-MTBs are therefore designed to have:

The linkage of the rear suspension with the FPS (Fantic Progression System) system guarantees the wheel does not lose grip in any type of terrain.
The new BROSE DRIVE S engine with 15% more torque in the pedaling frequency three 60-90 per minute, guaranteeing a maximum torque of 90 Nm.
The 200mm front and rear 4-piston brake discs allow you to control your speed perfectly.


Riding Fantic E-Bikes has never been easier, even on the most challenging and enduro single track tracks our E-MTBs are built to have:


The integrated battery is compact at only 330 mm in length and positioned close to the motor to allow a low inertia and lower the center of gravity, for fast and easy changes of direction.
The front wheel of 29x 2.35 ″ (or 2.25 ″) reduces the gyroscopic effect, ease to overcome obstacles, guarantees driving precision and safety.
The HYDROFORMED frame with high technology selected by Fantic creates a rigid and robust structure, for greater riding precision.

Ensuring the best battery and performance is one of Fantic's mission when designing its E-bikes.
The integrated lithium battery designed by Fantic with its 630 WH guarantees the best autonomy and fun for the whole day.
We have created a dedicated management system to optimize battery consumption.
The battery has been placed in a convenient area of the frame to facilitate extraction, protect it from impact and reduce the introduction of impurities.
All of this guarantees the maximum efficiency of your E-bike!