2008 Gas Gas EC Accessories



  • A selection of trick bits and parts that to suit your model.


Acerbis Rally 3 handguards including fitting kit.

Quick and easy to mount. Includes all fittings.
Quick and easy to mount. Includes all fittings.
Quick and easy to mount. Includes all fittings.

Saves undoing the screws on the top of the forks to release air pressure build up.

Simply push into the end of your spindle and tighten the allen bolt up from the inside. The puller helps to reduce the time spent messing around trying to get the wheel spindle out. All that is needed is a little pull and twist!

This air filter cover is a must for washing the inside of the airbox whilst washing the bike. Simply remove the air filter, fit the cover and wash away!  This new version fits and seals even better with a stepped lip that prevents it slipping out of place when fitted.
These Gas Gas spacers can be used to raise your handlebars by 3.5mm at a time.  There is enough thread on EC clamps to take a total of 3 per side (some bikes already have 1 or 2 fitted).

The Gas Gas EC range FMF Gnarly front pipe focuses on increasing the lower RPM horsepower and torque to help you get out of the toughest terrain.

It is Nickel plated and constructed from super-strong 18 guage steel.


Set of enduro/trail wheels assembled by us to fit Gas Gas EC's 2004-2017. Rims are sourced from a CCM CXR230 and the wheels include wavy discs, alloy sprocket, bearings, seals, heavy duty tubes, security bolts and CST FIM approved road legal tyres. Speedo magnet included. The necessary wheel spacers needed are included but you will need to use some of the originals. They are unused but we have test fitted them in a bike to ensure correct fitment so this may be evident (grease).

EC LOWERING LINK PAIR To fit EC200/250/300 2000-2011 and ECF250/ECF300 2010-2013 CAMI 2014 ON

Approx 23mm seat height reduction. 

Quality light alloy sump guard to fit EC125 GasGas from 2001 - 2009 models.

This kit is supplied in a nylon bag that is ideal to keep with the bike until you need it.  The kit includes the following:


  • 1.63m inner cable to suit throttle cables
  • 1.63mm inner cable to suit clutch cables
  • Solderless nipples
  • Special aluminium trumpet nipples 
  • Various fittings as shown in photo
Remember, replace the cable with an original fitment item as soon as you can!