2008 Gas Gas Service Items

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Kit includes Seals, Needle Bearings, and Journals.

Needle Bearings manufactured from 52100 Bearing Steel, and Journals (Bushings) are case hardened to help prevent wear and corrosion.

LIGHT GEAR OIL - SAE 10W-40 (Crankcase), SAE 75W or SAE 80W (Gearbox)

Advanced specification gear and transmission fluids formulated for use in high performance competition and road motorcycles. Contains surface-active, extreme pressure components that protect transmission parts, even under severe shock load conditions. Offers outstanding long life wear resistance, reduces viscous drag and friction and ensures smooth, slick gear changes.

Replacement air filter for GasGas EC 2T Enduro range.

Gear Light has been specially developed for today's motorcycle gearboxes, for use on the road and track. Its light synthetic-based formulation ensures complete protection for all gearbox components and ensures a smooth clutch action at all times, particularly when cold.

The ultimate race proven 100% synthetic 2-stroke off road competition oil. Its new developed additive system provides for more power, cleaner- more efficient burning and exceptional engine protection. Its high rev.- and temperature stabil, has exceptional film- and shear strength, reduces fuel consumption due to friction minimalization, no deposit build up om piston rings, power valve and exhaust system, excelent throttle response (even in wet conditions), long term optimised engine performance, maximum engine reliability and improved starting quality.
Ester Tech MX9 is the ultimate Grand Prix Off Road 2-stroke oil. Ester Tech MX9 is a full synthetic blue coloured 2-stroke oil with Putoline's revolutionary ESTER TECH additive system, which ensures exceptional film strength, even under the most extreme racing conditions.

Genuine GasGas radiator cap to fit the following models:

EC125/200/250/300 2000 onwards.

All Pampera models.