2020 Gas Gas ECRanger Handlebars, Controls, Levers, Cables


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A highly developed grip glue for securing all types of handlebar grips.

Quick and easy to mount. Includes all fittings.

A quality clutch lever that is considerably less than the original Gas Gas item.

These Gas Gas spacers can be used to raise your handlebars by 3.5mm at a time.  There is enough thread on EC clamps to take a total of 3 per side (some bikes already have 1 or 2 fitted).
Replacement gear lever for all EC 2-stroke models from 1998 on 2t

Renthal motocross/enduro grip with full waffle design.  Medium compound. 



Rethal kevlar dual layer grips with the diamond/waffle pattern. 

Please note, these grips require gluing.

This kit is supplied in a nylon bag that is ideal to keep with the bike until you need it.  The kit includes the following:


  • 1.63m inner cable to suit throttle cables
  • 1.63mm inner cable to suit clutch cables
  • Solderless nipples
  • Special aluminium trumpet nipples 
  • Various fittings as shown in photo
Remember, replace the cable with an original fitment item as soon as you can!