Gas Gas TX Randonne 125

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The all new Gas Gas TX Randonne has been created for long and comfortable runs. It has a usable 125cc 4-Stroke engine and a weight of only 86kg to make for a exciting ride.

It is very competitively priced at just £3299 including VAT plus on road charges (£3399 on the road plus £17 tax and £55 registration fee).

Please email us for further information and to register your interest.


2014 Gas Gas Randonne


Haines & Co TX Randonne - 160 Big Bore Version

We have developed and fully tested a 156cc big bore version and we can supply this kit fitted to a new TX Randonne for £3999 + tax/reg fee. (See it on video here.)  2014 MODEL AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW.

Gas Gas TX Randonne

Additional Photos:

Gas Gas Randonne Engine

Gas Gas Randonne Seat


The 160 Big Bore on Video


This is our 160 demonstrator bike out having the time of its life, riding around country lanes and a couple of the sections you can see here which were held on private land. This could be you! (Well, obviously, you would drop less marks than me!)