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The rider from Madrid confirmed the excellent development of the new Gas Gas EC 250 in the Spanish GP after a weekend which went from good to even better and finished with a fight for the podium. Barragán put together fourth and sixth places. These positions have a taste of victory after two especially tough days for both mechanics and riders due to the enormous amount of dust and the rocky course in Puerto Lumbreras.

After what was a rather unusual start to the season in Finland, the World Championship swopped the frozen Scandinavian wastes for the sun soaked, dry lands of Puerto Lumbreras for the fight for the second round of the World Enduro Championship.

It was this place in the region of Murcia that was hosting the World Championship for the fourth time in its history. And it did it with the Spanish GP where Jonathan Barragán felt more and more comfortable, fighting for the frontrunners positions as he went through the special sections. On Saturday, the Gas Gas rider overcame a tricky start to the race that made it difficult for him to get into the swing of things because of the broken ground. Barragán steadily moved up position-by-position until he finally finished fourth after making great scores in the second half of the race.

He sustained a great pace in the special sections, especially in the extreme, which gave the Gas Gas Factory Enduro Team rider the encouragement to go to even greater things the following day. He was fighting for a podium win until a fall in one section put paid to all his aspirations of getting what would have been the first podium win for the new Gas Gas EC 250 in the World Championship. On Sunday his sixth place had a bittersweet taste after being so near and yet so far from a podium finish in the GP held on home turf.

In spite of this, Barragán and his team, the Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team, have been able to draw positive conclusions from a Spanish GP where both the rider from Madrid and the new Gas Gas EC 250 have shown themselves to be highly competitive and well up there with the best in the Enduro2 category, withstanding the demands of the very toughest conditions.


The Italian town of Spoleto is to host the Italian GP on 27th and 28th May. This is the third of the nine scoring events in the 2017 World Enduro Championship.

Jonathan Barragán: “I was in third position, fighting for second place, but I fell and lost any possibility of a podium finish. Despite this, we should be very happy as the bike is going really well. On the first day we managed a fourth place and on the second day we were in podium positions, at the same pace as the riders in front, until the fall. This has left me with a rather bittersweet taste in my mouth as I would have liked to have a podium finish in my “home” GP and to celebrate the win with the rest of the team who are doing such a great job. But there you go, that’s just the way races are and you have to accept it and keep on getting better.

You may be aware that six British servicemen are trying to enter the record books by partaking in a journey from Ushuaia, the most southerly town in the world to the opposite end of the Americas, destination Prudhoe Bay some 15000 miles north. The team are taking the more scenic routes away from the metalled Pan-American highway, they aim to be the first team of motorcyclists to ride the route by crossing the notorious and road-less Darien Gap, a dense 300-mile swathe of lawless jungle, and the domain of life-threatening flora and fauna. The route is being carried out on CCM's GP450 and is said to be one of the best bikes for the job. Here you can find the guys latest news from their adventure in a blog they have written.


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