We’d like to welcome the newest member of the team Otis Taylor who joined our business full time on January 3rd after spending several Saturdays with us. He enjoys riding his trials bike and in past years has been competing at the local clubs and riding around his farm. Otis has made a big impact  here at Haines MC since joining, one of the great differences is the amount of images and products now on the website. He has also been very helpful to customers ordering over the phone and in store.





Fantic are now back on the enduro scene bringing with them the brand new 250E Casa 4T. This is a machine that is sure to take the market by storm. The new 250 is available in two colour variants: the traditional livery factory White-Red-Blue or the aggressive Black edition, with Black-Red-White graphics. Both bikes can be seen in our showroom so pop in and see us. All specification points and any other information can be seen on the home page.


We are planning to have a demonstrator later in February, so if you are interested in a test ride on or off road, please email and we'll get back to you.




The GP450 set to enter the record books in 2017

March 2017 - Six serving British military personnel will set off from Ushuaia, the most southerly town in the world, heading for the opposite end of the Americas, destination Prudhoe Bay some 15000 miles north. Not only will the team be taking the more scenic routes away from the metalled Pan-American Highway, they aim to be the first team of motorcyclists to ride the route by crossing the notorious and road-less Darien Gap, a dense 300-mile swathe of lawless jungle, and the domain of life-threatening flora and fauna.

There are few motorcycles suitable for a trip of this magnitude; lighter bikes offer limited range and load-carrying ability, whereas anything else that has the attributes for such an expedition would be impossibly heavy to traverse the swamps and rivers of the Darien. Channel 4s new series. Walking The Americas, demonstrates how challenging this expedition will be, as former soldier Levison Wood, attempts to walk from Mexico to Colombia and through the inhospitable terrain along the way.

At 130kg kerb weight, with a 200kg payload and a fuel range of 400km, the GP450 Adventure was the obvious choice for the all British team.

GP450 Frame technology -




We have recently had a shock bearing kit made to suit both 604 and 644 models. This can be ordered on our website (click here). Sump guards for the CCM 404 are arriving in stock early February and will be featured on our website ready for order as soon as possible. The side panel decals for the 644 2002-2003 model are also now back in stock and are not to be missed. 

We have also started to update our used parts section online so if you are after any parts that may be unavailable now take a look at the used section under CCM spares on our website, we could have what you’ve been looking for!


Late last year as many of you may know Gas Gas revealed there newest bikes the Gas Gas EC/XC and the Gas Gas TXT GP trial bike at the EICMA show in Milan. The presentation of the enduro model caused a commotion at the biggest international motorcycle event held two weeks prior in Italy. This was a double launch of the different versions of the Gas Gas EC 250/300, complying with EC regulations, and the Gas XC 250/300, created especially for the US market. They were given a warm welcome from the both the press and enduro fans. This is a much anticipated enduro bike project, “Project Phoenix”, the renewal of the brand on a world scale in this speciality and where we have put all our hopes and energy.
Gas Gas is reinforcing its enduro line-up with Antoine Basset. The French rider is returning to the brand from Girona to ride the new Gas Gas EC300, which he is going to use in the Wold EnduroGP Championship and the French National in the Élite E3 category.
Antoine Basset, one of the star players in French enduro throughout the last few years, is returning to Gas Gas, the company where he had already been riding during the 2014 and 2015 seasons.
Fourth classified in the E3 category of the last World Enduro Championship and eleventh in the general EnduroGP, Antoine Basset is to re-join to reinforce the Gas Gas Factory Enduro Team. This is a team that is about to undergo a great transformation in its sporting structure in 2017.
Basset is to join Jonathan Barragán in the official team and will be riding the same bike as the rider from Madrid, the innovative Gas Gas EC300, presented as ‘Project Phoenix’ in the last EICMA show in Milan, a symbol of the intense renovation of the brand in enduro.
This experienced 29 year old rider from Bersaçon, French runner up in the Élite E3 category for the last two years, is to combine his riding in the most prestigious international event with the French Championship, the toughest European National competition, where he will be fighting to retake the top category.