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Würth UK have been supplying the motorcycle market for more than 30 years and are highly regarded within the trade for their product quality.  We can obtain almost everything from the Wurth catalogue so if you need to know more information or you require a specific product or tool, please email us.Email us



For the safe and efficient removal of hazardous dust and contamination from vehicle brakes and clutches.  Spray parts until dirt and grease have been washed away. If needed wipe with a clean cloth.

M4 rubber well nut (Rubnut).  Sold individually.


  • Diameter - 7.9 mm
  • Length - 12.6 mm 


M4 rubber well nut (Rubnut).  Sold individually.


  • Diameter - 12.7 mm
  • Length - 16.0 mm

Sold individually. This product is excellent for the maintenance of brake components. Use on the back of brake pads to eliminate brake squeal. Safe for use up to 1100 degrees C.
Sold individually. Wurth rubber grease is ideal when fitting new brake caliper seals and gaiters. Also allows easy and damage free installation of rubber bushes, spring covers and weatherseals.